A tattered brown briefcase prompted the Houston Police Department's bomb squad to descend on an apartment complex off S. Gessner near Richmond.

A complex maintenance worker first spotted the briefcase, which had a hundred $100 bill attached to it, just inside an entrance gate.

Suspicious that an unattended briefcase was left just inside a locked gate, the maintenance worker called police. Officers then called for bomb squad technicians when they spotted wires sticking out of the briefcase.

Bomb squad officers used an X-ray machine to scan the contents of the briefcase and determined it contained nothing more than an old transistor radio and answering machine. Police said the $100 bill was a fake.

"You never know with the things that go on in the world today, get one angry person about something and they'll do something stupid," said complex resident John Edwards.

Police don't know who left the briefcase or why the prankster picked that particular complex.