Police: Tomball boy claims father tried to suffocate him

Attorney calls allegations 'overreaction'

TOMBALL, Texas - A Tomball father is facing charges of family assault for allegedly trying to suffocate his four-year-old son, according to police.

Jeremy Krautlarger, 25, is charged with family assault. Officers are calling the boy a hero for coming forward, but Krautlarger's attorney, Paul Doyle, said the disturbing allegations are not true.

According to police, Krautlarger allegedly locked his son in a closet and when the child cried, the father put his hand over the child's mouth and nose so that he couldn't breathe. The police report also said that the child reported that the father said if the boy was not quiet, he would use a vacuum hose to hang him.

"It has been blown out of proportion," said Doyle. "It is an overreaction. There were a number of witnesses that were at the house at the time this happened."

Tomball police said they arrived at Krautlarger's apartment to investigate the incident after a family friend called 911. Investigators said the boy was interviewed several times and his story did not change.  Krautlarger denied the incident, but later admitted to placing his hand over the child's mouth and nose, but not for more than 30 seconds, according to police.

"It was horse play," said Doyle. "The child said something and then there was an overreaction and then one person tells another and you've got a big story on the other end if it." Doyle added that Krautlarger "has a good job" and that  "he's a good father."

Witnesses that were at the apartment at the time of the alleged incident will testify at a hearing on March 26. Until then, Krautlarger remains in jail. Tomball police said they do not have any record of responding to the apartment for any disturbances previously. Police said the boy remains at the family's apartment; he does not have any injuries.

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