A man is dead after two suspected robbers gunned down a bystander.

According to police, two men robbed a woman on Barberry. According to the woman, the two men wanted money and she gave them everything she had.

The woman along with another woman,a man and a 2-year-old hopped into a silver vehicle to get away, and shots were fired.

That man was hit and died at at an apartment complex on Rockingham Street.

The two suspects were detained.

One neighbor, named Joe, said he heard a woman screaming for help and when he stepped outside he saw the man laying in the street, he said he had been shot several times.

"Two times in the side, one in the chest and I think he was grazed in the back of the head or neck," Joe said. "He wasn't really responding but he was breathing."

Joe said they applied pressure to his wounds with a towel and waited for the ambulance to arrive but it was too late, the man died in the street.

Houston police say it was a busy day in that southeast Houston neighborhood.

While they investigated the shooting and robbery more shots were fired nearby. At times you could hear them echo through the streets. 

Police don't think any of them are connected.

"During this time there have been multiple shootings in the area," said Jason Robles with HPD. "Even out at the scene there was somebody firing shots from a rifle, I was out there. They're not related to this, it all appears to be separate."