Two police officers were injured while chasing a suspected burglar in north Houston on Friday morning, Houston police said.

It was just after 3:30 a.m. when the burglar alarm at Trigo's Restaurant on Fulton Road near the North Loop sounded, police said.

HPD said officers arrived on scene in minutes and saw signs someone had pried their way into the restaurant. Investigators said the officers spotted a burglary suspect running away. The officers followed the burglar in a car but eventually had to get out of the cruiser to chase him, police said.

The officers were able to catch up with the suspect behind a home in the area, but in the process, one of the officers fell, according to police. He suffered a gash on his knee, but was able to walk according to investigators. Police said he was taken to a hospital to get stitches and was later released.

The other officer suffered bruises to his upper body but was treated on the scene, police said.

Investigators said the suspect still had money on him when he was arrested. He has been identified as Louis Castaneda Leal, 49.

Rocio Rosales, the owner of Trigo's, told Local 2 the money stolen came from the jukebox and it was the fifth time the business was targeted in its three months of business. Each time, she said the suspect came in through the air vent and went for the jukebox. “We don't leave any money, absolutely not. Because we already know this guy does the same thing. So we don't leave any money in here,” said Rosales.

Rosales said the money it costs to repair the damage has greatly exceeded the amount stolen by the thieves. Though it is unknown if the same suspect was responsible for all of the burglaries, she is hoping Friday's arrest will bring the break-ins to an end.