A man named Paul Newman is accused of beating his son over bad behavior at school, breaking a Nintendo console and throwing the pieces at him.

Paul Anderson Newman is charged with injury to a child. On Jan. 7, court documents state the 12-year-old boy's teacher noticed several bruises on his head and face. Upon asking about the injuries, the teacher says the boy replied, "I can't tell you or my dad will get mad."

After the teacher brought the boy to another school employee, court records show he told them his dad got angry with him due to a bad behavior report from school and used a wrench to destroy a Nintendo DS game console. The boy says Newman then threw the broken pieces at him.

According to court documents, Newman then dragged his son onto the kitchen floor, put his knee on the boy's chest and hit him several times in the face while yelling at him.

Doctors say the boy's injuries, which included bruising on both cheeks as well as bruising and scratching on his neck, were consistent with the alleged attack described by the boy.

During an interview with investigators, court documents state Newman admitted to losing his temper over his son's bad report from school and hitting the boy several times.

Newman, 46, is free on a $5,000 bond.