Houston police are looking for a man who shot and killed a man outside a nightclub on the city's east side.

Police say the victim was hit by a vehicle and then shot multiple times in the parking lot of Club Sofia in the 1300 block of Sheffield Boulevard.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened inside the club prior to the shooting, but witnesses told them there was a confrontation between the victim and the suspect in the parking lot at around 6:30 a.m. Friday, just as the club was closing.

Witnesses say a security guard broke up the confrontation, but as the two men left, the suspect got into his vehicle and sped toward the victim, striking and injuring another man before he hit his intended target.

"The victim did a couple of flips in the air and ended up on his back. The suspect gets out of his vehicle, stands over the body, and words are exchanged. He pulls out a weapon and then commences firing," said Houston Police Sergeant Richard Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said at least six shots were fired at the victim from close range. The man died at the scene.

The victim hasn't been identified but a friend who showed up at the scene Friday morning said the victim had been celebrating a birthday and his sister is an officer with the Houston Police Department.

"He's a nice-going guy. I don't know who could have done it. It's sad to hear a good friend ours would pass like that, somebody shooting him down," said Luisa Perez.

While police search for a killer, the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission is also investigating. Police say it appeared alcohol was still being served prior to the shooting. A look the club's past shows a more than a dozen TABC violations and suspensions dating back to 2002, several for permitting consumption during prohibited hours.

Perez says it's something that shouldn't be going on so close to the nearby schools.

"Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, you've got people coming out drunk from here and kids are heading to school. It's really, really hectic for them to see. That's really, really bad," said Perez.

Police say the other man who was hit by the car suffered broken bones but is expected to survive his injuries. They don't believe he was here at the club with the victim and it isn't clear if he was even involved in the initial dispute.

People say little was known about the suspect, other than he drove a dark-colored Honda or other foreign vehicle.