At 10 a.m. on Tuesday nearly a dozen Houston police cars swarmed an abandoned home in the 4000 block of Caplin. 

Neighbors called 911 after seeing a teenage girl leave the home, they believed she had been assaulted. 

"She had bruises to her face where they had hit her a couple of times," said Kandis Radley, whose mom and grandmother live a few doors down. 

Houston police are now investigating the case.  Neighbors told Local 2 they feared something like this would happen in the home because it's vacant and wide open. 

"This particular house has had several incidents," Radley said.  "The kids are skipping school, they're coming here and it needs to be torn down."

The Radley's said they called the city's 311 hotline to report the problem six months ago but nothing was done. 

Gregory Mackey with the city of Houston's Department of Neighborhoods explains the home is owned by someone and they've been trying to get the homeowner to clean up the property since April.  Mackey said city officials  served him with notices and even court citations but they've been ignored.  Now, because of the recent incident, the city is taking action.

"Nine o'clock in the morning we'll have a team out there taking care of the property," Mackey said.  "board up all the doors and windows of the structure and cut and clean the property."

"It's an ongoing problem," said Callie Radley. "hopefully something can be done about it."