Police said three generations of one family are caught up in a crime in Baytown.

Investigators said a grandmother, Maria Santibanez, and her granddaughter, Crystal Alvarez, used Alvarez's newborn son to steal from a drug store. Other family members had a hard time believing the charges.

"They would never do anything like that," said one relative.  "She loves this baby more than her life. She would never put her baby at risk."

However, the 53-year-old grandmother who is facing the charges confessed to Local 2.

"It's true," said Santibanez. "I can't lie. It's true."

Santibanez said she and 21-year-old Alvarez hid items underneath the baby inside his car seat as they walked down the aisles at the CVS in the 3900 block of Garth Road.  A loss prevention officer stopped them and called police. 

Santibanez and Alvarez were both arrested and charged with theft.  The 2-month-old baby was turned over to a family member.

Now that Santibanez is out on bond, with a little time to reflect, she says this is not the life she wants for her family.

"I feel so bad," said Santibanez.  "I never did that before so I think I looked at it like it was too easy but now I know I'm never doing to do that again."

Local 2 tried to contact Alvarez at her home but she was not available.

Investigators say the women stole two pairs of panty hose and a bottle of Herbal Essence conditioner. The total value of the theft was $15.07.