A Pasadena woman was attacked by a swarm of bees while mowing around her shed.

Cindy Joyner was mowing between two sheds behind her home on Saturday when a bee stung her on her hand, and before she knew it, she was covered.

“Luckily they didn't go for my eyes. I could feel them on my ear. I could feel them and I kept saying, 'My ear! my ear! Get them out of my ear!'” Joyner said.

Her daughter and another man rushed to help, but when they couldn't get the bees off of her, she jumped into a swimming pool.

“They were basically embedded into my hair, around my face. Went down and tried to get them out and I came up and they were still there,” said Joyner.

That evening, Joyner went to the hospital, after her lips and throat continued to swell.

Hours after the attack, she was still pulling stingers from her hair.

A beekeeper who was called out told Joyner the Africanized honey bees that attacked her are highly aggressive, and are likely living in the shed.

A beekeeper is scheduled to remove the bees Wednesday.

Joyner says she'll be back on her lawn mower after that.