A gun scare at a Houston ISD elementary school has parents demanding answers.

Parents at Patterson Elementary gathered Wednesday morning wanting to know why it took so long to find out about a loaded gun that was found in a 9-year-old’s backpack.

“I'm nervous,” said parent John Rodriguez. “I didn't want to bring him to school today, but I didn't want to mess up his perfect attendance.”

Parents say they were oblivious to the dangerous situation unfolding on campus on Tuesday.

“I went in checked in, got my visitor badge and they made no mention -- nothing about cops there,” said Rodriguez who ate lunch at the school on the day the gun was found.  

According to school officials, a student saw the gun in a backpack and notified a teacher.

It was hours later when parents were notified either by a letter or recorded message.

“Everybody is fired up because notification like I said was 5:05 p.m. when I received the phone call,” said parent Juanita Viramomtez.

Parents were notified well after school was let out for the day. And, when parents tried to call using the number on the letter, they got a voicemail.

According to the letter sent out to parents, the 9-year-old is facing “disciplinary action.”