Parents and players involved in a youth football league say their team has been unfairly disqualified from the playoffs because of a paperwork mistake.

The South Houston Steelers finished in second place with an 8-2 record.

The team was scheduled to take the field this coming Saturday for their first postseason competition.

But earlier this week, they were informed by the Bay Area Football League that they were being disqualified because a player's birth date was written down incorrectly.

Kenrick Nicholas says he is the player whose information was incorrectly recorded by a league representative.

"They weighed me and they put me the wrong age, so they messed up the paperwork," said Nicholas.

Once the error was caught, the team verified that Nicholas was the right age and weight to play in the division, but parents were told the paperwork mistake would cost them a spot in the postseason competition.

"We work so hard to get where we are; it's a spirit breaker," said Nicholas.

Parents of other team members say they are upset, angry and plan to appeal the decision.

"It was devastating for the children. The kids worked hard all season long," said Angel Hernandez.

Parents say the league representative who made the paperwork mistake has volunteered to step down from her position, but that isn't enough to satisfy the board that is imposing the punishment.

The parents plan to ask for an official appearance at a meeting Wednesday night.

"We're no longer in the competition for the Super Bowl, and primarily that is the goal for any team -- to become a championship team," said Rudy Renteria.

KPRC Local 2 emailed and left phone messages for the president and secretary of the Bay Area Football League. No one has responded to our request for information regarding the parents and players concerns.

Later on Wednesday evening, the South Houston Steelers were turned away from the Bay Area Football League meeting they wanted to attend.

The team stood outside chanting "Let us play. Let us play."

Parent, Neil Nicholas said, "BAFL said where it was holding the meeting at was private property. so we weren't allowed there. they didn't want any of us showing up on their private property."

But the organization said its meeting are always private.  The players and parents wanted to protest the league's decision to eliminate them from the playoffs because a player's birth date was wrong on some paperwork. 

The president of the Bay Area Football League, John Cobb said,  “No decision is taken lightly. We're all volunteers that participate in this and we all want to do what's best for all of the children. Not just the children on individual teams, but league wide.”