An exotic pet shop owner is looking for help tracking down a pack of dogs that jumped her fence and killed at least two animals.

The owner of S&S Exotic Animals, Suzette Stidom, said the pack consists of at least three dogs.

That pack jumped the 6-foot fence surrounding the shop on Saturday. Once on the property, the pack killed a kangaroo and an adult kinkajou.

"What they did was, they ripped inside the fence. They actually grabbed [the kangaroo] by the neck," said Stidom. "They grabbed him by the ear and the head. So whenever we found him there in the morning, he had three punctures on him. They probably just suffocated him to death."

Stidom is mourning the animals she raised since they were small.

Now, she's worried about the safety of her other animals and herself.

"It's terrifying to go out there, now, in the middle of the night. I mean you have to be really careful outside. We're watching all the time. I have to make sure my security lights are coming on, because I'm terrified to go outside of my own house," Stidom said.

Stidom said she called Animal Control and the Harris County Sheriff's Office about getting rid of the pack.