One driver died in a fiery crash in Shenandoah early Wednesday morning.

Police said the driver of a truck was traveling north on I-45 near the Woodlands Mall. For some reason, he lost control and veered off the road onto the grassy median.

Officers said the driver stayed in the median for about 40 yards before smashing into a light pole. The truck burst into flames, and the driver in the truck died on impact.

Investigators believed the man was either intoxicated or fell asleep behind the wheel.

Police shut down two northbound lanes of I-45 and closed the feeder road to investigate the deadly crash.

While officers conducted that investigation, the driver of a two-door car lost control and slammed into the barrier of the freeway just a few feet away from the crash scene.

Investigators said it was unclear why that man lost control, but he was expected to recover.

All northbound lanes of I-45 were closed while crews worked to clean up after that second crash.

Two northbound lanes and one lane of the feeder road reopened just before 5 a.m.