The Liberty County Sheriff's Department has spent a full day searching for a stray dog that attacked and killed a woman on Monday.

Concerned residents have called and reported several sightings of the dog on Tuesday.

Some of the reports have turned out to be false alarms, but residents are on alert.

"I don't have a gun, I don't have a license for a gun, so I got a bat," Amy Lee told Local 2. "I've got two small children, two and four, and if this dog comes up, this bat will be used."

Authorities say people should not try to approach the dangerous animal, but instead they should call 911 and a deputy will be dispatched to the area.

Linda Oliver, 63, died after the mixed breed stray dog attacked her in her Dayton home.

Her husband told authorities that the family had recently taken in the stray animal and started feeding it.

On Monday morning, the dog attacked Oliver's smaller dog.

When she tried to save her pet, the larger stray animal turned on the Oliver, who was known as someone who cared for animals.

"She's a real nice lady and she took in all strays and loved animals. It's a scary thought of a dog attacking somebody," said next door neighbor Sara Lee.