A Missouri City police officer is talking about his decision to jump off a bridge to avoid being hit by an alleged drunken driver, who plowed into his patrol car.

It was a move that helped save officer Kenneth Lewis' life, but he suffered extensive injuries and will be off-duty for several months.

On May 16, Lewis had been with the department only 11 weeks, and was working his second night shift, when he and his training partner made traffic stop.

A short time later, a car driven by Christie Diane Biggers, 46, plowed into the back of his patrol car.

The entire incident was caught on a camera mounted on the dash of one of the patrol cars.

"I remember hearing the bang, looking back and saw our vehicle being hit," said Lewis. "When I saw the video it was like everything happened so fast, but to me time slowed down. I remember looking back, seeing the suspect vehicle and it was moving. I thought I was going to get pinned underneath the vehicle."

It was that moment when Lewis made the decision to jump off the bridge located at Highway 6 and Knight's Court.

At the time, he didn't realize the fall was steep and he dropped nearly 30 feet to the ground.

"I swear I heard maybe the voice of God because I heard 'Go for it.' Later I found out that after I jumped our vehicle had been kicked up, I would have been run over, the injuries could have been worse had I not jumped," he said.

Life Flight rushed the officer to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was treated for broken bones, a broken sternum, and other severe injures.

Today he is out of the hospital, but he has to use a walker and doesn't know when he can rejoin the force.

Lewis said he is grateful to the support of his wife, two children, friends and fellow officers.

A fund has been set up to help the family pay miscellaneous bills that are mounting up as a result of caring for him.

You can donate here.

"We're glad with the progress he's making, " Lieutenant Paul Poulton with the Missouri City Police Department said. "We hope he can come back as soon as possible. He starts rehabilitation next week and I think that will be a big step for him in the right direction."