A neighbor called Local 2 because she said the mailbox in her North Harris County neighborhood was damaged and the postman has not been able to deliver mail to it for four months.

Getting the mail is a simple task that usually involves a quick walk to the mailbox but Patricia Byrne said for her it means a 5.5 mile drive to the post office and standing in long lines. 

"It's very stressful and an inconvenience to have to go to the post office, get in line and get your mail," she said. 

The mailbox in Byrne's neighborhood has been damaged for months.  The bolts at the bottom of the collection box are loose and someone set a fire in the outgoing mail slot. 

It's a large silver mailbox used by multiple families in the neighborhood and Byrne said her calls to supervisors within the post office have gone ignored. 

"We have contacted the supervisor and they said they had no idea when they'd be fixing the mailbox," she said. 

Local 2 called the post office and within hours received a statement from Houston postmaster Jean Lovejoy. 

"We apologize for this inconvenience to our customers. All Neighborhood Delivery Collection Box Units (NDCBU) for this area will be installed and in service by tomorrow afternoon. Even though the locking mechanisms for these cluster boxes are on backorder, we found similar locks at another postal station, which will serve the needs of our customers. I am truly sorry it has taken so long to replace these NDCBUs. We uphold universal mail service, and we never want to inconvenience our customers in any way."