In a matter of days the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be in full swing at Reliant Park. As people head there for the festivities, a big "no refusal" initiative kicks off this weekend, and it will be in place for most of the month.

March is one the deadliest months for drunken driving, and Houston has the most drunken driving fatalities in the country.

When you head out to the Houston Rodeo, you better plan on having a designated driver if you're going to be drinking. Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced a no refusal initiative this weekend and a few other weekends in March to cut down the number of DWIs.

"What's different about the initiative is that we are going to have a central location called central intox where we will have judges, nurses and prosecutors who are extra, we are putting extra personnel towards this effort, who will be writing warrants there," said Anderson.

She says Harris County holds a record of which she's not proud.

"We now hold the national record for having the most intoxication-related fatalities in the country. That is a title I would like to lose this March," Anderson said.

In March of 2011 there 557 DWI arrests; in March of 2012 there were 497, and last March there were 591.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia says there will be no tolerance for anyone drunk behind the wheel.

"Think about the consequences of it all -- a criminal record, being incarcerated, being in the crossbar motel and having to deal with this the rest of your life," Garcia said.

Under the no refusal law, a search warrant will be issued to draw the blood of any suspected intoxicated driver who refuses a Breathalyzer or to give a blood sample. In April 2013, the Harris County District Attorney's Office became one of the first Houston-area counties to enforce no refusal every day.