The Upper Kirby District has worked for several years to get a sculpture in place and now it's up on Kirby Drive near Westheimer Road.

The 38-foot tall sculpture called "Tree and Three Flowers" is in the median and will be seen by more than 50,000 people every day.

James Surls, the artist, often uses steel or bronze for his artwork.

Tree and Three Flowers has a large green vase and massive flowers made mostly out of steel.

It's intended to signify growth and potential, to attract tourism and commercial patronage. 

The project price tag is about $850,000 and half of the cost is from a tax generated by neighboring residents and business. The other half came from private donors.

"We think it's a good thing because public art is a driver in economic development. The more we create an environment in the Upper Kirby District, the more jobs we create and the more people who come to this area," Jamie Brewster, executive director of the Upper Kirby District said.

The sculpture was set up over the weekend.