There are new details in the accident that killed a retired Houston police officer and critically injured his wife over the weekend in Galveston.

The entire Houston Police Department is grieving after the loss of one of their own. Retired officer Dana Tweedie was hit and killed while riding his motorcycle with his wife over the weekend. Now we have new details about the driver who hit them.

The conditions were clear Saturday night, with 10 miles visibility along the Seawall when a Dayton teenager pulled out of a convenience store in front of Tweedie and his wife, killing him and sending her to intensive care.

Condolences from Dana Tweedie's friends and family are still coming on their son's Facebook page. Tweedie spent 26 years as a Houston police officer before retiring in 2008. His wife, Linda, is still on the force.

They were in Galveston for Mardi Gras Saturday together on Dana's bike, cruising along the Seawall, when a Camaro pulled out in front of them.

"You just hear a loud bang and there's cops instantly right on the scene," said witness Raul Mendiola. "I seen the Camaro; it got hit pretty bad."

The driver of the car was 18-year-old Callie Inman, a former Dayton High School cheerleader. Investigators believe Inman had been taking drugs before she drove out of the convenience store on Seawall Blvd. and into the path of the two officers.

"She failed a field sobriety test. We don't know the type of intoxicant at this point. That's up to testing for toxicology," said -Galveston Police Chief Henry S. Porretto.

The Tweedie's were rushed to John Sealy Hospital where Dana was pronounced dead. Linda is still in intensive care.

As the family prepares for a funeral, Dana's brother, Bill, who is also a Houston officer, released a statement Monday that read: "We want to thank everyone for the tremendous outreach of support at such a difficult time. The support extended to our family has been incredible and overwhelming. A special thanks goes to the Galveston Police Department, the Houston Police Department and the Houston Police Officer’s Union. We also want to thank the media for the respectful reporting and honorable portrayals of Dana and Linda. The thoughts and prayers have meant more than you can imagine. We thank each of you very much."

Inman is charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault with bond set at $150,000.