A controversial river fee, which could have had patrons paying to tube down one of Texas' most popular rivers, has been nixed.

On Monday night, the New Braunfels City Council unanimously voted against a proposed $5 fee to access Prince Solms and Himman Island Parks, both of which have direct access to the Comal River.

At the city council meeting, several people spoke about why they were against the proposed plan, saying they questioned the legality of charging a fee to access a Texas river.

The Council did approve the river management fee which requires tubing outfitters to charge users a $1.25 for a wristband.

It will be up to the outfitter to make sure their customers are wearing city-issued wristbands when entering the City Tube Chute, Prince Solms Park, Hinman Island Park or using public exits on the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers.