Forget the sun or roosters, these days it takes a lot more to get us out of bed.

The first alarm clock was invented in the 1700's.

Since then there have been some changes, including the snooze button.

It's estimated more than one third of American adults hit the snooze button at least three times every morning.

Now there are new alarms that promise you'll never oversleep again.

One alarm we tested blares a siren and launches a propeller into the air, and it will only shut off if you put the propeller back in its place.

Another has wheels and starts moving, making it harder for you to hit that snooze button.

We want to help you wake up on time and watch Local  2 News in the morning.

So we're going to give these alarm clocks away to one lucky viewer!

Just tell us your best "I woke up late" story, right here.

We'll pick a winner and give these clocks away Tuesday morning on Local 2 News TODAY.