A Heights-area man's big rig led to some big trouble with the city.

Darrek Gashette has lived in the Oak Forest subdivision his whole life, and hasn't had a problem with the city until recently.

Gashette is a regional truck driver and has always parked his truck in his driveway.

According to Gashette, the city received complaints about him and the city attorney informed Gashette through a letter that he could face up to $1,000 a day because he was in violation.

The letter further stated, "The (city) deed restrictions prohibit, among other thing, the use of property for business or commercial purposes."

Gashette wanted to defend himself and requested a formal hearing which was held on Monday.

"It didn't go well," said Gashette.

Gashette says he lost and will have to follow the city's deed restriction and keep his big rig away from his driveway.

Gashette is considering selling his home and moving.

"I could make a lot of money if I sell the house and move somewhere where I can park the truck," he said.

Gashette agreed to a court settlement and will only have to pay $5,000 -- which includes court costs, attorney fees and fines -- instead of paying the full $200,000.

He says the Oak Forest Homeowners Association is a voluntary organization and had no direct involvement in the case.