Some residents of Richmond and Rosenberg were treated to much needed school supplies, as 300 backpacks filled with school supplies were ready for the taking.

Some parents are calling it a blessing.

"Very helpful right now. I just got laid off yesterday," said Manuel Morones.

The backpacks for students in pre-K through high school.

All gifts provided by NBA star Dexter Pittman.

"Just giving back I was always taught to give back and that's what I believe in," said Pittman. "You can't forget where your foundation was built."

Pittman grew up in Rosenberg. He played college basketball at UT. In 2010, he was drafted by the Miami
Heat in the second round.

Pittman purchased all the items in the Richmond shopping spree at Walmart and Office Depot. Volunteers assembled the supplies.

While a few hundred people gathered to get their school supplies, Community Park is a symbolic place for Dexter Pittman. As a kid, he played basketball on the same court where kids lined up for the free supplies.

"My dad would take me out here drills," said Pittman.

This is the second year Pittman held the school supply giveaway.