The controversy over whether a Houston ISD elementary school will or will not be closed has a high-profile organization speaking out.

A spokesperson for the Houston branch of the NAACP says HISD trustees did not handle the situation correctly, when they indefinitely "tabled" a decision to reconsider the closure of Dodson Elementary School.

The closure itself has been a hotly debated issue for several weeks now.

Dodson Elementary in southeast Houston will close. HISD's board of trustees voted Thursday to indefinitely table discussion on reversing its decision to close.

"To attempt to shut down the voices of the community is not only out of order but is grossly disrespectful," said Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, with the NAACP.

The NAACP says the vote broke the district's own procedures citing Roberts rules of order that there is no motion to "table indefinitely." The NAACP says the board should have instead have used the motion to "postpone indefinitely." Leaders want the decision to close Dodson reconsidered.

"We are tired of HISD making up the rules as they go when dealing with the minority community," said Evans-Shabazz.

The superintendent had recommended closing five schools. After community meetings and lots of discussion, only Dodson will fully close. No one is sure of exactly what will follow.

NAACP leaders say HISD's school closures unfairly target the black community. Leaders here say if they don't get their way, they could call for civil disobedience.

"When you tear out an elementary school you have torn out the heart of the neighborhood. SO to take Dodson out and put in a high school, is totally backwards," said community leader Robert Muhammad.

The NAACP says it also opposes HISD's plans to turn Jones High School into a speciality campus without any athletic programs.