People in the Memorial area are on alert after what appeared to be a good Samaritan coming to the rescue of two English bulldogs.

The 6-month-old puppies wandered out of Todd and Renee Oakum's yard Tuesday afternoon.

As friends helped the Oakum's search the neighborhood, neighbors told them the dogs had been picked up by a woman driving a black BMW SUV.

The family was also able to confirm that the woman called a vet and told them she had found the dogs. The woman indicated she would take them in if she couldn't find the owners but the dogs were never taken to the vet's office.

Late Thursday afternoon Renee Oakum heard from someone who claimed she was the driver of the black BMW. She told the family she had picked up the dogs but was then flagged down by two men in a light blue van with paper license plates. Those men told the woman she had picked up their dogs and convinced her to hand them over.

The dogs have their own Facebook page and the owners are desperately looking for anyone with information.

“If they want to take them somewhere and drop them off anonymously, I don't want to get anyone in trouble. I just want our dogs back,” said Renee Oakum.