PORTER, Texas -

The mother of a 10-year-old fifth grader says he was hurt so badly at school by a teacher, that he will not return to school for at least several days.

"You don't do that. What kind of school is it," asked Seth Branam's mother, Dorothy Branam. "I guess the teacher felt he didn't move fast enough. So she grabbed him by his arm and yanked him...He weighs 65 pounds. Why are you grabbing my child and yanking my child, period?"

Branam said the school nurse called her at work.

"She said, 'Oh, he hurt his shoulder. I think you need to come and get him,'" Branam told Local 2.

Branam's son is in bandages. His arm is in a sling. His shoulder is on ice and his mom said he is on adult pain killers after a soccer game during P.E. at Valley Ranch Elementary in New Caney ISD on Tuesday.

She rushed him to the hospital. Branam said his arm was pulled out of its socket, he had a broken bone, his arm was tingling and he could not breathe because of the pain.

The school district released a brief statement Tuesday that read, "New Caney ISD takes matters like this very seriously. We are currently investigating it thoroughly."

Amy Borel, New Caney ISD Director of Communications, released the following statement to Local 2 Wednesday afternoon, "At the conclusion of our administrative investigation, it has been determined that there is no basis to the allegations involving the student at Valley Ranch Elementary."

Seth's mom said because of his condition, he will not be back in school this week. She is not sure what she will do after he improves.