A Houston mother was arrested after allegedly hitting her son with a telephone cord.

The 6-year-old boy's school counselor said the child's injuries were noticed on January 7.

According to court documents, the counselor said the boy has tantrums on a daily basis and has to be removed from class for safety reasons.

On January 7, during one of those tantrums, the boy was being restrained so he would not hurt himself. It was during that time, according to court documents, that the boy's shirt lifted up, revealing several marks on his back.

The boy said the marks are from his mother striking him with a "white cord" several times, according to court documents. The boy allegedly told the counselor his mother hit him "a whole bunch" because he is bad in school.

Court documents stated Latreccia Monee Hadnot, 31, admitted to causing multiple loop marks on her son's back.

Hadnot allegedly told investigators she was frustrated and lost control, and she used a white telephone cord to hit the boy on several occasions in 2013.

Hadnot was charged with injury to a child. She is being held in the Harris County Jail on no bond.