Trial begins in LaBelle body guard suit

September 16, 2014: Proceedings are underway in a lawsuit filed against soul singer Patti LaBelle. Samantha Ptashkin reports.

Toddler with cancer gets birthday wish

In Florida, a little boy with a rare form of cancer is getting his birthday wish -- mail.

'Girls' XXX Parody

Lena Dunham isn't happy with the show's new porn parody.

Biker becomes anti-litter superhero

If you hate to see people litter, you may love this story of a biker who chases litterbugs and throws their trash back at them.

RAW VIDEO: Crude oil tank explosion in Baytown

The Baytown Fire Department is on the scene after reports of a crude oil tank explosion.

Tonight at 10: Wearable technology revolutionizing health care

See how doctors plan to use this new technology

Go inside the Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Anheuser-Busch is brewing up something new at it's Houston factory! Grab some buds because the brewer is opening it's doors to beer-drinkers to show us where the magic happens. Local 2's Ruben Galvan reports.

Rabid bat attacks man jamming on guitar

A rabid bat attacks and bites a man jamming on his guitar during a camping trip in Oregon gone horribly wrong.

Rare deep-sea creature caught on camera

Scientists capture video of a rare and bizarre deep-sea creature known as a siphonophore in the Gulf of Mexico. The creatures are related to jellyfish.


Funeral home offers drive-through visitation

A Michigan funeral home is offering an alternative to a traditional visitation: a drive-through viewing.

Misbehaving plane passengers shamed online

Shame on the plane! Photos of passengers behaving badly have gone viral.

Sandpit becoming danger in Katy subdivision

Sept. 15, 2014: It's been a large, unsightly nuisance for almost as long as it's been here. Keith Garvin reports.

Crest ingredient under fire

Dental professionals find little blue dots in patients’ mouths -- a type of plastic used in Crest toothpastes.

Toddler ignores military protocol, rushes mom

A 3-year-old Minnesota boy couldn't wait to be reunited with his military mom in this video that's gone viral.

Family's West Nile virus warning

September 16, 2014: The family of Montgomery County woman is speaking out about her battle with West Nile Virus. Syan Rhodes reports.

Heat wave causing misery in California schools

California's scorching temperatures are causing misery for students in schools without air conditioning.

What do space taxis mean for Houston-based workers?

Sept. 16, 2014: Astronauts will finally be headed to space one day on an American built spacecraft. Ryan Korsgard reports.

Harris County begins initiatives to fight animal cruelty

September 16, 2014: Harris County is trying to prevent animal abuse. Courtney Gilmore Reports.

Local 2 chats with stars of ‘Mysteries of Laura’

The Mysteries of Laura is a new show that mixes a little bit of drama with family comedy.  Show star Debra Messing describes her character as a hot mess.  Messing and her co-star Josh Lucas joined KPRC Local 2 to talk about what’s to come.

HCSO: Shoplifters busted with kids

September 16, 2014: Authorities allege that a trio of shoplifters had a child accompanying them during their crimes. Syan Rhodes reports.

Viewer video: Oil tank explosion in Baytown

A Local 2 viewer shot this video of the tank explosion in the Baytown area.

Wednesday's weather webcast

Temperatures could reach up to 88 degrees with an 80 percent chance of rain.

Family fights back against armed crook

Sept. 13, 2014: An alleged armed robber was shot and killed after attempting to hold up a family-owned convenience store at gunpoint. Gianna Caserta reports.

dea shooting 11 a.m.

A suspect was airlifted to the hospital after being shot by a police officer in the Sugar Land area, according to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office.

Is elementary school making students sick?

Sept. 16, 2014: Six-year-old Cody started having problems last year in kindergarten. Now a first grader, his mom says he is dealing with the same things all over again. Jennifer Bauer reports.

Technology points to Houston traffic getting better

Houston’s traffic should be in better shape, not worse, in 20 years, according to an engineer who has made a career out of studying traffic.

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Tonight at 10: Wearable technology revolutionizing health care

See how doctors plan to use this new technology

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