'Girls' XXX Parody

Lena Dunham isn't happy with the show's new porn parody.

Jilted groom donates reception

Jilted groom donates reception to charity

He could have wallowed in grief, but a jilted groom in Pittsburgh donated his reception to charity instead.

J.J. Watt & Barbara Bush tackle illiteracy

Houston Texans star J.J.Watt, Barbara Bush (dressed in football gear), & her son Neil Bush talk about tackling illiteracy in Houston.

Students forced sit on hot bus Ohio

Students forced to sit in hot bus as punishment

A school bus driver in Ohio resigns after forcing students to sit in a hot bus as punishment for being "rowdy."

Florida boy expelled Facebook mom

Child expelled for mom's Facebook post

A Florida mother says her 4-year-old was expelled from preschool over a post on her personal Facebook page.

Scattered showers and storms possible Thursday

Scattered showers and storms throughout the day

There's a 60 percent chance of rain in Houston Thursday.  The high is expected to be 92.  Local 2's Britta Merwin has the forecast. 

Human skull Goodwill

Human skull donated to Goodwill

Someone in Texas donated a human skull to Goodwill? What?

Newport Beach huge waves

Big waves hit southern California

Hurricane Marie generates massive waves in Newport Beach, California.


Ruben gives students a dorm room makeover

Many students are returning to college and some may be returning to dorms that are not exactly "awesome." That's where we come in! Local 2's Ruben Galvan gives lucky students a dorm room makeover at the University of St. Thomas.

How to Sharpen Your Knives

How to sharpen your knives

How to sharpen your knives.

Store owner fights robbers

Caught on camera: Store owner fights off robbers

A store owner in Connecticut fights off armed robbers, and the whole thing is caught on camera.

Doctors: This year's flu vaccine more effective than ever

Whether you choose the nasal vaccine or the traditional shot, doctors are just urging everyone to get vaccinated. Rachel McNeill reports.

Ranch land sales

Texas ranch sales on the rise

Aug. 27, 2014: We know land inside the Loop is selling at record prices, but ranch land outside of Houston is currently a hot commodity, too. Lauren Freeman reports.


'Tiny' houses becoming more popular

Everything may be "bigger" in Texas, but we found some Texans downsizing their lives, moving from some big properties to tiny little houses with barely 200-square-feet of living space. Courtney Gilmore reports.


UNBEWEAVABLE! Ruben gets makeover at Franklin Beauty School

We're having some "hair-raising" fun at Franklin Beauty School with Local 2's Ruben Galvan!

Meet Strangleweed

Meet "Strangleweed"

Strangleweed, also known as dodder, uses sharp appendages to puncture host plants and siphon off sugars -- but researchers writing in Science say that's not all it does.

Friday's weather webcast

Showers move in early Friday morning and continue into the afternoon, with temperatures on the cooler side.

'Cops' TV show crew member killed by police gunfire

'Cops' TV show crew member killed by police gunfire

Omaha police said audio technician Bryce Dion, 38, was killed as a result of police gunfire during an armed robbery Tuesday night.

Lady Al-Qaeda

Who is 'Lady Al-Qaeda?'

Find out more about the woman known as "Lady Al-Qaeda," whom ISIS wanted to excahnge for James Foley.

Astros fans YouTube hoopjargon

Astros fans told to sit down, be quiet

Aug. 27, 2014: A group of fans were told by a security guard at Monday night's Astros game to "quiet down" and stop heckling an opposing player. A couple of them were so upset they took their frustration to YouTube. Keith Garvin reports.

High bus driver Australia

On camera: Driver gets high, crashes bus

A bus driver in Australia crashes after video shows him smoking marijuana while behind the wheel.

UFO photo sparks interest

August 12, 2014: Pictures of what look like a UFO stir up interest across the Houston area. Ryan Korsgard reports.

Four business owners facing food stamp fraud charges

Investigators say the four were indicted by Harris County grand juries in July and August for their roles in stealing thousands of dollars from the federal government. Ryan Korsgard reports.

PTSD and War Photographers

PTSD and war photographers

PTSD and war photographers.


Franklin Beauty School turns 100 years old

It's one of the Houston's oldest family-owned beauty schools and now they're getting ready to celebrate major milestone! Franklin Beauty School is about to turn 100 years old. Local 2's Ruben Galvan reports.

Missing kids reunited with family members, suspect arrested

Local 2's Courtney Gilmore reports after five missing kids were reunited with family members, and police arrested the man suspected of kidnapping them.


Congrats Thursday's Facebook Fan of the Day

Congrats to Brandi Dee Balsano! She's Thursday's Facebook Fan of the Day. Thanks for watching Local 2 News Today and following us on Facebook.

New grocery delivery service launches in Houston

Finding time to go to the grocery store can be tough for many of us. More and more people are opting for grocery delivery services and now there's a new one in town. Lauren Freeman reports.

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