Caught on camera robber thwarted

Caught on camera: Employee thwarts robber

A worker at a North Carolina restaurant is being praised for his quick thinking that stopped a would-be robber.

Gas station clerk surprises thieves with fighting skills

July 25, 2014: Thieves at a gas station are in for a surprise when a clerk uses his mixed martial arts training on them. Amy Davis reports.

'Girls' XXX Parody

Lena Dunham isn't happy with the show's new porn parody.

Cars spray painted bad parking

New York vandal calls out bad parking with graffiti

A vandal in New York is lashing out at drivers for their parking skills -- or lack thereof -- spray painting obscenities on their sides of their cars.


Ruben on the road: Tubing on the Guadalupe River

Ruben is on the road this morning tubing down the Guadalupe River.

Female WWII pilot turns 100 years old

Female WWII pilot turns 100 years old

A birthday celebration is held for a 100-year-old patriot who answered the call to serve during World War II. She served as a pilot trained to fly military planes during the war. Syan Rhodes reports.

Karate gas station clerk protects customer

July 25, 2014: A southside convenience store clerk turned the tables on a pair of accused robbers. Amy Davis reports.

Vanity plate rejections


Peek inside vanity license plate rejections

In light of a questionable vanity license plate that slipped through the screeners, a San Diego television station looks at how vanity plates are approved and a few of the rejects.

Local 2 surprises Kroger grocery giveaway winner!

July 25, 2014: KPRC Local 2 announces the winner of its grocery giveaway from Kroger. Jennifer Reyna reports.


New way to track your children's online friends on Facebook

July 23, 2014: Facebook -- where teenagers tell it all: Secrets, stories, gossip. But because so many teens and tweens want to be seen as uber popular, many times they'll accept Facebook friend requests from just about anybody. Bill Spencer reports.


Car break-ins at movie theaters among top Houston crimes

July 21, 2014: Car break-ins rank at the top of a list of crimes at area movie theaters, according to a Local 2 Investigates review of police reports written for the past two years. Jace Larson reports.

Marine tribute flag found in Texas flea market

Marine tribute flag found in Texas flea market

July 24, 2014: Tucked away in the corner at a flea market in Hemphill, Texas, about a 170 miles away from Houston, Lanie and Walter Brown found a flag with writing on it. Jennifer Bauer reports.

Stolen guns recovered after SWAT standoff ends with 2 arrests

Alton Brown and Avery Halliburton were taken into custody after a SWAT standoff Thursday night that lasted more than three hours. They're accused of several burglaries, including stealing high-powered rifles. Mark Boyle reports.

Tennessee woman in black

Mysterious 'woman in black' roams Tennessee

A mysterious figure known as the "woman in black" is capturing the attention of social media users across Tennessee.

What Made This Famous Deep-Sea Noise

What made this famous deep-sea noise?

What made this famous deep-sea noise?

Orange Is the New Black is Making One Real-Life Sheriff Very Unhappy

'Orange is the New Black' makes sheriff very unhappy

'Orange is the New Black' is making a real-life sheriff very unhappy.

Doctors: This year's flu vaccine more effective than ever

Whether you choose the nasal vaccine or the traditional shot, doctors are just urging everyone to get vaccinated. Rachel McNeill reports.

Houston man falls victim to knockout game

July 25, 2014: A local man falls victim to the knockout game. Joel Eisenbaum reports.

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Saturday's weather webcast

The heat in Houston has been bearable so far this summer. Expect that to change.

Alligator 8

Alligator causes stir in Cinco Ranch neighborhood

July 24, 2014: A 6-foot long, 120-pound alligator caused a stir that was even too much for Fort Bend County deputies to handle. A Cinco Ranch homeowner called deputies after witnessing children throw rocks at the gator. Syan Rhodes reports.


Unaccompanied child becomes attorney

July 25, 2014: During President Obama's meeting with Central American leaders, one potential plan discussed was to give immigrants a shot at asylum before reaching the border. One Houstonian says he was able to prosper and thrive after crossing the border alone as a child. Robert Arnold reports.

Worker rescued from crane in Galleria area

July 25, 2014: A crane operator was injured and stuck about 200 feet in the air before being lowered to the ground. Phillip Mena reports.

Turtle torture

WJXT, cell phone video

Girls face felony charges for killing tortoise

Neighbors want strict punishment for two Jacksonville girls who are accused of killing a gopher tortoise with fire. Danielle Dionne, 15, and Jennifer Greene, 18, are charged with cruelty to animals, a third degree felony. They are also charged with killing a gopher tortoise, which is a threatened…

cat hoarding las vegas


112 cats, 1 dog rescued from Las Vegas home

What started as a property check is now a hoarding investigation. North Las Vegas police found 112 cats and one dog living with a woman in horrific conditions.

Space Needle

Seattle's Space Needle loses power

A fire causes Seattle's famous Space Needle to lose power on Thursday, briefly stranding tourists on its observation desk.

SWAT on standby, football stars detained

2 high school football stars accused of stealing guns

Two high school football stars heading to play in college are sitting in the back of cop cars after being accused of stealing guns from a home. Phillip Mena reports.

Beware of dangers lurking in the app store

Beware of dangers lurking in the app store

There's a smartphone app for just about everything now, but thousands of them have hidden dangers. Amy Davis reports.

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