Families in Montrose are circulating a petition demanding the city to fix a dangerous problem in their neighborhood. We're talking about sidewalks, or the lack of them, in some areas of Montrose.

The group has sent out a letter to residents asking them to sign a petition to ask the city for help in getting some repairs to the sidewalks. The sidewalks are chipped, broken or missing altogether, but the city says the repairs are not necessarily its responsibility.

Montrose is one of the trendiest neighborhoods inside the Loop, filed with little shops, restaurants and quaint homes. But now, more than ever, residents say the neighborhood's aging sidewalks and streets are in desperate need of repair.

"They are always uneven, they are always littered, they're impassable, so I end up walking in the street," said resident Anna La Perna. "You can't use the sidewalk."

The Montrose Sidewalks Coalition, a group made up of residents, sent a letter to neighbors asking them to sign a petition to encourage Mayor Annise Parker and the city to help with the issue.

"I think she is doing nothing and not enough. She is worried about a select few and not all of us," said La Perna.

The group also says people are tripping and getting hurt because of the mess.

But according to a city ordinance, the city is not required to do anything: "City Ordinance (Chapter 40, Article III Section 40-84) states that sidewalk repair is the property owner's responsibility, unless damaged through city operations."

There are some Montrose residents who say people just need to be careful.

"You know, it's an old neighborhood. You have big trees that uproot the sidewalks and there's not a lot you can do about it. I would just say be careful," said resident Mark Matsusaki.

The city says the first step in getting anything done would be to contact the 3-1-1 system and then the city will send out someone to investigate the problem.