A roach infestation, lots of food kept at dangerous temperatures and a garden hose used to clean crawfish are some of the violations Houston health inspectors uncovered this week.

Talk about temperature violations, we've got a lot of them. At Fish City Grill in the 5700 block of Buffalo Speedway, investigators say they found fish, raw chicken, beef and shrimp stored at temperatures higher than 41 degrees.

The ribs at Applebee's in the 14000 block of Westheimer were off-temperature. Inspectors found chicken, steak, pasta and shrimp were all stored well above that 41-degree maximum.

Chicken, egg roll skins and bean sprouts were all off-temperature at Erawan's Thai Cuisine in the 5100 block of San Felipe. Inspectors also say they found live roaches crawling inside a cabinet.

At Jolynn's Crawfish Restaurant in the 10000 block of Beechnut, there was a full infestation of roaches, gnats and flies.

It might be OK to do at your own crawfish boil, but not at a restaurant. Inspectors say they found staff washing the mud bugs with a garden house at Boil House in the 600 block of 11th Street. Workers were told to use the sink instead. When we stopped by we found a note on the building that the place was closing for the season.

Another major no-no is preparing food without gloves. Employees at Eatsie Boys in the 4100 block of Montrose were caught making sandwiches with their bare hands.

The A-pluses this week go to the Sonic drive-in at 7500 West Tidwell and the Subway at South Sam Houston Tollway at Hillcroft. Congratulations to both restaurants for keeping it clean.