A trash can used as a food prep table and an employee's runny nose gets another restaurant written up by Houston health inspectors.

There was more than just pizza and pasta at Sicily Pizza and Pasta on Westheimer at South Voss. When inspectors dropped in they closed the place when they say they saw live roaches on the food prep table, on the floor and near the fridge.

"I guarantee that I'm on top of it," said a man who identified himself as the owner of the restaurant. "And we did whatever we could to control the situation. And it's under control."

Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis asked the owner if he would let her take a look in the kitchen, but he said the kitchen was just too busy.

"We have pest control in place and everything's fine. There is nothing to worry about," he told Davis.

Inspectors were worried when they found 20 pounds of raw chicken strips that were "not safe for human consumption" because they were sitting out at room temperature at the Popeye's Chicken at 7159 Scott Street.

At El Dorado Taco at 9711 Wallisville Road inspectors say an employee was using a trash can as a table to mix dough for tortillas.

There were rodent droppings and spilled food inside the cabinets at the Rainbow Spot at 5409 Allendale. Inspectors also found green and white mold growing on several bowls of Jello.

At the XFY Mongolian Hot Pot on Westheimer and Fountainview inspectors say an employee not only didn't wash his hands before starting work, he also kept right on working after wiping his nose with his hands and arms.

We're serving up A+'s this week for spotless inspections at Rio de la Plata Bakery & Deli at 1482 Wilcrest and the Sonic Drive-In on Westheimer near Dunvale. Kudos to both restaurants for keeping it clean.