This week's Restaurant Report Card features roaches, rodents and leftover rice.

Health inspectors condemned five to ten pounds of cooked rice left overnight in the cooker at the Eastern Chinese Kitchen in the 2100 block of West 34th Street.

Staff was ordered to clean the floors at the Himalaya Restaurant at 6652 Southwest Freeway where Inspectors found old rodent droppings.

At Papa John's Pizza at 4004 Broadway, the refrigeration unit wasn't cooling properly and cheese, ham, chicken and pepperoni were too warm.

Roaches, and lots of them, were the issue at Feng Ling at 6437 Westheimer. Inspectors found an infestation, and roach debris on prep tables.

Roaches, flies and rodents were all noted at the McDonald's inside the Walmart at 9460 West Sam Houston Parkway.

And there were rodent droppings in the kitchen area inside Crescent City Beignets at 3260 Westheimer. The River Oaks eatery was told to check for rodents and close a gap in the back door to keep them out.

Kudos this week to Pizza Hut at 9369 Richmond. We're giving it an A+ this week for a clean inspection with no violations.