When inspectors find major health code violations at Houston restaurants, they typically give owners a chance to clean up before they come back. But one restaurant couldn't get rid of the cockroaches after four separate visits.

Paradise Biryani Pointe at 5711 Hillcroft may not be your idea of, well, paradise. An inspector closed the place on May 28 citing an "infestation of roaches." The inspector returned on May 30, 31 and again on June 4. Each time, he said he saw "many roaches." He told the owners the restaurant will remain closed until they can correct the problem.

It's the same pest problem, but not as severe at Woodrows Heights at 1200 Durham. By phone, the owner told us he's got exterminators on the job. They're working on the underside of the building from where they believe the critters are coming.

Inspectors say employees at Which Wich at 510 Gray also need to do more to minimize the roaches.

They tossed 10 pounds of food that was inside a non-working refrigerator at La Casa Frida Mexican Restaurant at 3452 Ella. In a separate freezer, they found spoiled salmon with a strong odor.

The Farmer's Market at 2566 Airline Drive is a great spot to pick up fresh produce. It's where a lot of Houston restaurants get their fruit and vegetables, but inside at Mex Luna Produce inspectors say they found fresh rodent dropping in shelves of food everywhere.

We've got A+'s for Carrabba's on Kirby and IHOP on Greens Road near I-45. Inspectors didn't find a single violation at either restaurant.