Can you imagine working in a kitchen with roaches climbing the walls and running across food prep tables? That's exactly what inspectors found inside the Paris Sandwich Shop in the 8200 block of Bellaire. They also spotted dead roaches in coolers.

Buffets are popular for lunch, but at DiMassi's Mediterranean Buffet in the 5600 block of Richmond, inspectors found chicken, potatoes, ground beef and hummus all kept at the wrong temperature. When they came back for a re-inspection, the problem had not been fixed, forcing managers to toss 10 pounds of potatoes.

Slime in the ice machine got the attention of inspectors at Social Junkie in the 2400 block of Washington. They condemned 200 pounds of ice.

The slime was pink in the ice machine at Starbucks in the 900 block of Dallas.

And they had to toss out all of the ice at Landmark Cafe in the 2400 block of Holcombe, after inspectors found more slime.

Perfect scores this week go to the Kolache Factory in the 10000 block of Briar Forest and Domino’s Pizza in the 12000 block of Memorial. Both locations had a clean inspection.