Roaches, gnats and food coolers that weren't properly cooling were some of the things city health inspectors found in Houston restaurants during their latest inspections.

Inspectors temporarily closed the Denny's at 12697 Gessner near Highway 249. The decision came after inspectors described the food prep area as "deplorable." Inspectors also found beef left in a cooler that wasn't cooling correctly. Inspectors quarantined the cooler and closed the restaurant until the problems were fixed.

Roaches were the issue at Church's inside the Fiesta at 2323 Wirt. Inspectors say they saw a live roach crawling out of the ice machine and then discovered roach droppings inside. Inspectors threw out 30 pounds of ice.

Inspectors say not enough was done to prevent roaches and gnats at the Buffalo Wild Wings at 510 Gray in Midtown. They also quarantined a dish washing machine for not sanitizing correctly.

Gnats were also a problem at the Starbucks at 12500 Memorial near Gessner. Inspectors say they saw the gnats near the freezer, ice machine and sink.

Inspectors threw out 30 pounds of beef at the Outback Steakhouse at 8731 West Loop South across from Meyerland Plaza. Inspection reports show the beef wasn't safe because the cooler wasn't working. Inspectors also found black slime in the ice machine.