Just the sound of the word might make you start to itch, but you'll be reading a lot about roaches in this Restaurant Report Card.

At Don Pico's Mexican Restaurant at 2110 Bay Area Boulevard, inspectors say they saw live roaches in a crack under a table and under the counter at the bar. They noted dead roaches on the floor of the kitchen.

The owner told Local 2 that he has the restaurant professionally exterminated once a month.

There were so many roaches at Golden Hunan 2 at 2953 Bingle, an inspector closed the place.

Employees at Huynh Restaurant at 912 Saint Emanuel got a warning that they need to step it up to keep the roaches under control.

At Shiva Indian Restaurant in Rice Village at 2514 Times Boulevard, there were roaches and rodent droppings.

Inspectors say the mouse droppings at Taqueria de Jalisco at 6001 Bissonnet were on a counter and there were roaches hanging out in several spots in the kitchen.

We've got A+'s this week for Aloha Grill at 11805 Westheimer near South Kirkwood and Cafe Papadeaux on Richmond near Kirby. Inspectors didn't find a single violation at either restaurant.