This week's Restaurant Report card features repeat roach problems, reused rice and lots of food that had to be condemned.

Roaches were crawling around the kitchen area at China One in the 7900 block of Long Point. Inspectors ordered managers to clean up the place but, when they returned two days later, the roaches were back.

Roach and rodent droppings were in storage areas at Hunan Plus in the 9100 of Bellaire. The restaurant was also cited for serving old rice to a customer after it was returned to the kitchen by someone else.

Walk-in coolers at the Stag's Head in the 2100 block of Portsmouth were off temperature. Inspectors condemned beef, potatoes, sausage, hummus and hamburger patties.

Beans, chicken and cheese were not safe for human consumption at Potbelly Sandwhich Works in the 1200 block of Mckinney after being stored at the wrong temperature for more than 4 hours.

And Great Khan Mongolian grill in the 2100 block of Highway 6 had a bug problem. Inspectors noted dead insects in the restaurant.

Sweet news this week for Bite Macarons in the 5100 block of Buffalo Speedway. The desert destination had a perfect inspection. And kudos to Wing Stop in the 5600 block of Beechnut for a clean kitchen with no violations