Indian, Chinese and Italian: We're covering all kinds of cuisines and apparently proving pests don't discriminate.

Craving Chinese? At Natto Chinese Restaurant at 1818 Hamilton apparently the mice were, too. Inspectors closed the place when they found mouse droppings on a food preparation table and 325 pounds of food that had been gnawed and nibbled on by rodents.

"Yes, but we do the pest control, everything. Yu can check now," owner David Ding told Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis. "No problem now."

Ding took us inside the kitchen to show us holes that were in the wall that he's recently patched. He said he thinks it's where the rodents were getting in from the outside. There are also  multiple glue traps around the kitchen. Ding said he caught two or three mice on the traps the first day he set them out.

Inspectors found cockroaches on their own sort of international festival. They were inside the kitchen of Gourmet India at 13155 Westheimer, at Yao Restaurant & Bar at 9755 Westheimer and Buon Appetito at 2231 West Holcombe.

It was a slippery situation in the ice machine at the Wing Stop at 10273 South Post Oak. It's where inspectors found yellow slime.

Our A+'s this week go to Outback Steakhouse on Dickinson Road near the Sam Houston Tollway and Neetas Indian Cuisine on the Southwest Freeway near Hillcroft. Kudos to both restaurants for their perfect scores.