Keeping food at the right temperature is a big part of running a restaurant. It prevents food borne illnesses and it's required by the health department. But Houston inspectors found plenty of temperature problems in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

We start this week at Escalante's Mexican Grill in Memorial City, where inspectors found a lot of food kept at the wrong temperature. They condemned beans, ceviche and tres leches cake, all not safe for human consumption.

Inspectors condemned more than 35 pounds of rice that wasn't safe for human consumption at Thangs Cajun Seafood and Rice in the 6400 block of Antoine. It was being stored overnight at the wrong temperature.

The gumbo was off temperature at Mambo Seafood in 10000 block of Long Point. The restaurant was ordered to throw out six pounds of it.

And fish paste, coconut milk and cabbage were all not safe for human consumption at Erawan Thai Cuisine in the 5100 block of San Felipe. The restaurant tossed all of it out.

Inspectors spotted a pinkish-black slimy residue in the ice machine at Luby's in the 7900 block of Veterans Memorial.

And Ruchi's in the 6400 block of Westheimer got rid of 60 pounds of ice, after inspectors found slime and a beer bottle sitting in the ice bin.

The ice was slime free for all those slushies at Sonic in the 4300 block of the West Sam Houston Parkway. And the rest of the place was spotless too. Same for Schlotzky's in the 12000 block of Westheimer. Both restaurants get an A+ for a clean inspection!