Who'd have thought you'd have to worry about the hot dogs when you go to a ball game?  Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis explains the concern in this Restaurant Report Card.

Just across the street from Minute Maid Park sits the Home Plate Bar and Grill. The restaurant earned two strikes from health inspectors for food that was "not safe for human consumption." Beef franks and beans that were too warm.

At Ninfa's on the Gulf Freeway near Monroe, inspectors say there were cockroaches on the cook line.  The manager escorted us outside away from customers.

"Nobody wants to have a dirty restaurant. Of course, we take cleanliness very important. We take sanitation very important," said Alvaro Perez.

We wanted to show you that they've cleaned up the problem, but...

"I don't like to have people. First of all, he (Local 2 photographer) doesn't have slip-resistant shoes, so he shouldn't walk around the kitchen," Perez told us.

There were roaches and gnats at Nit Noi in the 300 block of Main Street in downtown Houston.

And at Frank's Grill in the 5900 block of Clinton, inspectors found a hole in the wall of the restaurant leading to the parking lot and two dead rats on glue traps in the kitchen.

They closed Social Junkie in the 2400 block of Washington Avenue for having no hot water.

And inspectors tossed 35 pounds of ice at the Edwards Greenway Grand Palace Stadium Theater because it was contaminated with pink residue.

Our A's this week go to Cleburne Cafeteria in the 3600 block of Bissonnet, getting a repeat perfect inspection this week. And James Coney Island on the Gulf Freeway near Woodridge. Congratulations to both restaurants.