We've got a bit of he said, she said in this week's Restaurant Report Card. The inspector says one thing, but the restaurant staff says something else.

City of Houston health inspectors say the sushi at Osaka Japanese Restaurant at 515 Westheimer was 15 degrees over the required temperature and the ice machine was contaminated with slime.

An inspector closed Jenny's Chinese To Go at 2929 Walnut Bend, writing she saw "roaches throughout the facility." When Consumer Expert Amy Davis stopped by the restaurant, the person in charge told her there was only one dead roach on the floor.

"They closed the whole restaurant because of one dead roach?" Davis asked.

"Yeah," replied the man who said he was the owner's cousin.

Davis checked. The inspector said there were live and dead roaches, with a heavy concentration of live ones under the kitchen sink. The restaurant was reinspected three days later and the inspector said the pest problem is now all cleaned up.

Inspectors closed Matamoros Meat Market at 6515 Chimney Rock because of a roach infestation there. The beans and chicken at Chacho's at 6006 Westheimer were off-temperature and potentially hazardous.

If you work downtown near Two Shell Tower at 777 Walker, you should know inspectors found tan slime in the ice machine of the Thai Spice Cafe inside.

We've got A-pluses this week for Old Hickory Inn at 5427 South Braeswood and Sullivan's at 4608 Westheimer. Both restaurants had spotless inspections.