A "bootleg kitchen" and a popular pizzeria caught not washing the fruits and veggies before they put them on your plate are just two of the spots in our Restaurant Report Card this week.

Local 2 did a drive-by and found the Pollos Asado al Carbon food truck parked at 12534 Market Street, but closed. Owners may be low on food since inspectors made them trash 70 pounds of chicken they say were contaminated by roaches and gnats.

There were live roaches inside the ice machine at the Guadalupana Meat Market at 9473 Kempwood Drive.

Snap Kitchen is known for its healthy prepared meals, but at the 2909 Fountain View Drive location where they make many of those dishes, inspectors say there was no hot water.

At Gina's Italian Kitchen at 1105 Clear Lake City Boulevard inspectors found three live German roaches, rodent droppings under the soda bar and what they described as a foul smell in the restaurant. When Davis walked up, she found the restaurant closed and workers inside.

"We're tearing down the old concept and coming up with a new concept," said restaurant consultant Phillip Rich.

Rich says the place is doing more than shedding its old name. It's starting fresh with a complete redo inside. They hope customers will come back to give them another chance.

"Much cleaner restaurant, better food, consistent food, same fair prices," said Rich.

At Russo's New York Pizzeria at 4870 Beechnut inspectors say the employees weren't washing the fruits and vegetables for cutting and cooking them.

Spike Sport at 10914 Gessner is more than just a "House of Volleyball" as the sign reads. Inspectors say they found a "bootleg kitchen" inside. They also said employees were purchasing pizza and fast food and then reselling it to the public.

Our 'A+' for the week goes to the Subway at 6822 Harrisburg. The sub shop passed inspection without a single violation.