We've got health code violations at the food courts of two Houston-area malls and the spot where inspectors found so many flies, they closed a restaurant.

McDonald's on West Rankin Road and I-45 is where inspectors say they found flies buzzing around the kitchen and on top of the bacon. They made management close the place to get rid of the pests.

The manager wouldn't talk about the violations when Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis stopped by. Instead she walked back behind the counter and sent another employer to ask Davis to leave.

McDonald's issued the following statement:

“At McDonald’s we take food safety and sanitation issues very seriously, thoroughly investigating any claims that may violate our standards. This is why we took immediate action to address the concerns of one of our Houston-area restaurants last week. The issues have since been remedied. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction to every customer at every visit and will continue to work hard to ensure the continued operation of safe, clean restaurants,” McDonald's operations manager H. Steven Smith said.

Flies also found their way inside the kitchen of the Hibachi Grill & Buffet at 12183 Katy Freeway near North Dairy Ashford.

From the food court files: inspectors found rodent droppings on the floor at Cafe Sbarro's inside the Galleria. At Marble Slab Creamery inside Baybrook Mall inspectors observed "lots of dead roaches and some live roaches."

At Cyclone Anaya's at 309 Gray in Midtown inspectors condemned 40 pounds of refried beans and beef because they were off-temperature and not safe for human consumption.

And at the HEB at 6102 Scott Street, they found mice feces on food storage shelves.

HEB spokeswoman Cyndy Garza-Robert told Davis, "We immediately addressed and resolved the maintenance issues brought to our attention. All areas have been cleaned and sanitized. We are committed to providing absolutely safe food and a pleasant shopping experience for our customers."

Our A+s this week go to Baloch Ice Cream at 11246 Wilcrest and Los Corrales Taqueria at 7515 Navigation. Inspectors found no violations at either business.