From a dollar store to a fine steakhouse to a 4-star hotel, Houston health inspectors hold them all to the same standards.

In this week's Restaurant Report Card, KPRC Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis explains which places failed to get a passing grade.

Crescent City Beignets at 3260 Westheimer near River Oaks Boulevard promises a New Orleans flare, but health inspectors say the cockroaches they found there shouldn't be part of the deal.

"Your last health inspection showed that you guys had a cockroach problem," said Davis when she walked into the restaurant with a camera rolling.

"What can you tell me about that," she asked the woman behind the register. 

"Oh Lord," replied the woman before ducking behind a wall out of the camera's view before asking the Local 2 crew to leave.

We headed next to the Family Dollar at 4429 Griggs where inspectors found rodent droppings on store shelves with the pre-packaged food for sale.

Proof that slime does not discriminate: Inspectors found it on the soda gun holder at Barnaby's Cafe at 5750 Woodway and in the ice machine at the upscale Magnolia Hotel downtown at 1100 Texas Avenue.

Don't forget to sneeze into your elbow. A Pappas Bros. Steakhouse employee at 5839 Westheimer got a stern reminder from inspectors who say he sneezed into his hands and then did not wash them before handling food and equipment.

We've got A+'s this week for the Kolache Factory at 5763 San Felipe and La Fogata at 11630 Southwest Freeway near Wilcrest. Good job to both restaurants for keeping it clean.