A college student staple at one local restaurant gets a failing grade in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Pink's Pizza at 4701 Calhoun Road is within spitting distance of the University of Houston and Texas Southern University. But starving students, look out. Inspectors say they found pizza sitting out at room temperature for hours. That's a food safety no-no. There was also residue build-up on the soda machine and slime in the ice machine.

You might call this a "grand slam" of an inspection: At the Denny's at 12405 Westheimer, inspectors say the dishwasher wasn't properly sanitizing the dishes and an employee was handling food with no gloves. There were gnats, and bringing it to home base, roaches inside a cooling drawer.

Inspectors tossed five pounds of raw pork that was off-temperature at Hunan Village at 3311 South Shepherd.

Thirty pounds of rice had to go for the same reason at Timmy Chan's at 2360 South Loop West.

It was muchas las cucarachas at Taqueria Arandas at 9401 Main Street that got the place shut down temporarily.

At the Popeye's at 9120 South Main Street, inspectors found slime in the ice machine and boxes of chicken in the walk-in cooler soaking up dirt and water from the floor.

This week Little Pappasito's on Richmond near Kirby earns an A+, as does Seasons 52 Grill on Westheimer, just outside the Loop. Kudos to both restaurants for their perfect inspections.