A mouse is never a good sight to see at a restaurant, but a dead mouse is better than a live one, and it still got one location dinged by Houston health inspectors in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

La Guadalupana Bakery & Cafe in Montrose at Dunlavy and Indiana gets a 95 percent rating on Yelp. One diner who raved about the chicken mole enchiladas wrote, "I had to check the kitchen to see if my abuelita was cooking!"

We don't know if his grandma was in there, but when health inspectors took a look-see they say they found rodent droppings on top of the paper towel dispenser.

A helpful employee showed us straight to the kitchen with no delay. He says he wasn't there when inspectors stopped by, but he helped remodel the whole place three weeks ago and he claims he's never seen any mice or rats.

There was no denying what the mouse inspectors found inside the mop sink at the Jollycup Teahouse at 3006 Blaloc because it wasn't moving. Inspectors say it was dead; but told employees they needed to get the mouse out of the kitchen.

Inspectors condemned 30 pounds of chicken that was off-temperature at the Collina's at 3835 Richmond and Weslayan. At Gotham Pizza at 2204 Louisiana, they might just need a super hero to take out the cockroaches. Then send that caped crusader over to One Houston Center at 1200 McKinney where inspectors say they found more cockroaches at Doozo Dumpling & Noodles.

We've got dinner and dessert lined up for you this week. A+'s go to Thai Bistro on the Southwest Freeway between Edloe and Buffalo Speedway. Then for a sweet treat, head to Berripop Frozen Yogurt at 2339 University. Both places had spotless inspections.