Three Houston restaurants were dealing with dirty ice machines and inspectors condemned lots of lunch meat at a popular sandwich shop in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

Food and drink were both concerns this week at the Outback Steakhouse in the 8700 block of the West Loop. Employees had to throw out 30 pounds of beef that was off temperature. And all of the ice was condemned because of slime and black mildew in the ice machine.

Inspectors also found slime in the ice machine at the McDonald's in the 5500 block of Lockwood. Inspectors ordered staff to get rid of 500 pounds of ice and clean out the machine.

Rounding out our slime trifecta is Mai's in the 3400 block of Milam. The popular Vietnamese eatery had to throw out the ice and remove the mess.

Varieties of sandwich meat were tossed at the Subway in the 2500 block of Southmore. Inspectors found turkey, beef, chicken and tuna that was not safe for human consumption.

Gnats were flying, rodents were crawling and five pounds of food was tossed out at La Madeleine in the Galleria.

Managers at Pho Tung Hai in the 12000 block of the North Freeway were told to get rid of the rodents that were crawling around.

We always like to share the bad and the good. This week, McDonald's in the 8000 block of South Gessner and Pappa's BBQ in the 8700 block of Main Street get an A+ for perfect inspections.