It seems everyone's got the sniffles this week, but all that coughing and sneezing can be more than a nuisance if you're handling food at a restaurant.

It seemed ironic that at the exact moment a health inspector walked into the Choo Choo Moving Sushi Bar at 1675 South Voss, he says an employee sneezed into his hands and kept right on preparing food without washing them.

Even if employees tried to wash their hands at Escalante's at 12821 Kimberly Lane inspectors say there was no hot water and black slime in both ice machines.

The slime was pink at the Panda Express on the Katy Freeway at Bunker Hill.

We're going upscale to Arcodoro's across from the Galleria at 5000 Westheimer where inspectors say the ravioli and chocolate sponge cake were discarded because they were not safe for human consumption. They say food employees were handling them with bare hands and no hair restraints.

"But they know to wear gloves normally?" Davis asked the restaurant's manager.

"Most of the time. You can check right now," he replied. "Everybody's wearing gloves."

The manager let Local 2 cameras in the kitchen we here everyone handling food was wearing gloves and a cap. He said when the health inspector stopped by, one of the employees had just walked into work when the chef asked him to carry out a tray of raviolis. That employee did not yet have on a hat or gloves.

At The Tasting Room at 818 Town & Country inspectors say the chicken was "not in sound condition."

More food handling faux pas at Liberty Kitchen at 1050 Studewood. It's where inspectors say they found one cook and the chef with no hair restraints.

We've got A's this week for Southwell's Hamburger Grill at 5860 San Felipe and the combined Taco Bell and Long John Silver's at 10615 Westheimer near the Beltway. Both places had spotless inspections on the city's most recent visit.