A live roach on a wall and beetles inside pasta. This Restaurant Report Card will get your skin crawling.

Inspectors found grain beetles inside the bulk rice and pasta at La Michoacana at 620 Wayside Drive. Grain beetles are a common pantry pest like weevils. The pest was more recognizable at Nit Noi at 6935 Woodway, but no less disgusting. Inspectors saw a roach on a wall of the restaurant.

A faulty cooler is to blame for fish, chicken and cheese that was off-temperature at Amazon Grill in the 5114 Kirby. A manager told Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis they replaced the compressor in the cooler and there is no longer a problem.

Employees at James Coney Island on the North Freeway near Crosstimbers got a warning for wearing no hair net and no gloves while handling the buns and wieners. It was the same problem at Lowbrow at 1601 West Main. Inspectors said an employee was touching cooked hamburger patties and french fries with his bare hands.

There was black slime in the ice machine at the Chik-fil-A at 4594 Kingwood Drive and 21 pounds of chicken, pasta and deli meat was deemed "not safe for human consumption" at the New York Pizzeria at 42 North Main in Kingwood because it was all off-temperature.

It's all good this week at Poblano's at 6560 Fannin and Whataburger at 6914 Harrisburg. Both restaurants earn A+'s for their spotless inspections.