Investigators revealed more on Tuesday about the two people arrested in South Texas, carrying credit cards with information stolen during the Target security breach.

Police in McAllen say the pair used those fraudulent cards to buy tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise. 

The Secret Service is now joining the case which involves a man and woman, who are citizens of Mexico. The two were arrested at the border, and police recovered nearly 100 bogus credit cards.

Investigators say Mary Carmen Garcia and Daniel G. Dominguez, both of Monterrey, Mexico, went on a shopping spree at Best Buy, Walmart and Toys 'R Us using credit cards created with the account information of South Texas Target customers.

"Once we have the fraudulent reports given to us, we identified the accounts, and we were able to work with Secret Service and identify that information as part of data set in the breach of the Target scenario late last year," McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez explained.

Federal agents believe the two bought the stolen account numbers on the black market and created the cards. They say similar regional markets for all that stolen data are setting up shop all over the country.

"We have reason to believe they have made overseas telecommunications for some of the data, so by no means is this confined to these two people," said Rodriguez.

Target launched a free credit monitoring program last week and reached out by email to customers affected. The problem now is focusing on scammers on the prowl sending out similar emails to phish for personal information.

Local 2 Consumer Expert Amy Davis says if you get an email from Target, make sure it matches up with the legitimate email. You can see all official emails from Target here.

You should also put a fraud alert on it with the credit bureaus so it's flagged if anyone tries to open credit in your name.

McAllen Police Investigators with the assistance of Field Agents of the Secret Service McAllen Office determined the cards seized from Daniel Dominguez and Mary Carmen Garcia on Sunday are fraudulent.

The fraudulent cards included accounts from the following institutions:
            Target National Bank,
            Ohio University Credit Union, Inc
            Bank of America, National Association
            Citibank, N.A.
            ING Bank FSB
            USAA Federal Savings Bank
            International Bank of Commerce
            Lone Star National Bank
            Frost Bank